Where can I buy ZIOBAFFA?

Check out our Find Store Page to know where buy ZIOBAFFA wine.


Can I buy on your website or Online?

Do to strict alcohol distribution laws, you may only purchase online via authorized online sellers, like Wine.com


How do I find the wine in my area?

We are currently working on a list of store locations for our website.  We appreciate your patience and suggest you ask your local wine retailer if they carry it.


Does organic wine contain sulfites?

This is a complex question with a simple answer, yes.  All wine naturally contains sulfites, they are inherent in the wine-making process.  A few of the early "organic" wine producers attempted to make wine excluding the sulfites.  Generally, wine drinkers found these wines disappointing and lacking in flavor and body.  What we believe in is natural biodynamic production.  The natural sulfites help combat the oxygen exposed to the wine during the bottling process and help it age.  We adamantly disagree with the practice of adding additional sulfites or other non-natural substances to "engineer" the wine during production. 


Why does wine give me a headache?

Alcohol affects everyone differently.  Over-indulgence of any alcohol could certainly attribute to dehydration and a good old fashioned hang-over, which is often accompanied by a solid headache.  Some find that big red wines give them headaches.  Many testimonials about wine causing  bad headaches and hangovers come from people who drink high-alcohol content wines with large amounts of added sulfites and other engineered additives.  We suggest trying a naturally produced wine like ZIOBAFFA.  Many find that drinking a cleaner, more natural product leaves them feeling fine the next day!  Regardless, we suggest you always drink responsibly.



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