Tonight 6PM - 9PM

Just to start the SUMMER RIGHT, we'll serve ZIO wines and PROSECCO at Beach House Classic Boardshop to present ICE-CREAM HEADACHES BOOK a surf culture project by Edward Thompson (from England) and Julien Roubinet (from France), a writer and photographer living in New York. 

After moving to New York a few years ago, they met and became friends in and around the ocean. They found ourselves thinking of New York as a surf city, something that goes by almost unnoticed by most people living there and the hundreds of thousands of visitors who pass through each year. 

To celebrate the diversity, creativity and humor of East Coast surfing, they set out to create a book of interviews and photographs documenting local surf culture. 

When you buy a print from their store or at presentations, they use the money to buy gas and cheap tacos so they can drive along the coast to interview the remarkable people who make the local surf culture what it is today.

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