Making of a wine.

A short story for the lives of those who've turned their passion into their driving force.


ZIOBAFFA Organic-The Winery-Making of a Wine- EPISODE 2- #livelifebeautifully

Back At The Winery : See How We Make A Finest Wine!

The ‘New Old World’ Winemaking Country....Once the crop is harvested, the next step is to turn grapes into juice. For that process, we are heading over to our winery in Pisa. The press goes through cycles to lightly press and squeeze the grape into juice. Running from the press to tanks, the juice then moves onto the next step, monitoring the fermentation process everyday is a must. Any problems that arise have to be fixed right away.

The fermentation process lasts from two to four weeks. After that, the juice will go through filtering and other minor adjustments before it is bottled up in the next six months to a year.

So, the next time you pour yourself that glass, just think about the hard work that went into making it taste so good. It might just taste even better.



Harvesting Grapes By Hand : An Old Tradition That Still Work The Same!

As a preface of this short ZIOBAFFA series, we just want to introduce the "Live-True" idea, which is the cornerstone of our life philosophy. It always happens eventually. Maybe when you're 20, 25 or 30. There comes a time in life when we all have to choose the path to take. And everyone tells us what we should do. ZIO's isn't like that. Many are already making their way on the paths they've chosen. They're young people with a story to tell, a life that can inspire many others. They're pretty much like our nephews. Livetrue is a message, a true story, an inspiration, a label for the lives of those who've turned their passion into their driving force.

Today what is left of the legend is the clear perception that winemaking is not simply a process through which men create a product, wine. Winemaking is an art, a philosophy, deeply rooted in our tradition and culture.

The harvest time is the crucial moment of an entire year’s work. The grapes have been exposed to various threats, including heat, rain, hail, and frost, which can damage them and trigger various vine diseases. So the instant grapes are picked is a magic-filled time, full of expectation, hope and excitement, because a good wine can only be obtained from perfect grapes.

In Italy winemakers and vineyard owners at this time of year must decide whether to use hand pickers or mechanical harvesters.  In order to obtain a high quality wine and select the good grapes from the damaged ones, most winemakers choose the first option, despite the obviously higher costs.