First film, then wine.


Filmmaker Jason Baffa has been fortunate enough to travel the globe with his friends and a film-camera creating moving pictures about their love for surfing.  The films, "Singlefin: yellow," "One California Day" and the newly released and award winning, "Bella Vita," (all on iTunes) embrace the inspired life of the care-free surfing sub-culture.

During a trip through Italy with surfer-environmentalist, Chris Del Moro and fifth generation winemaker, Piergiorgio Castellani,  Baffa's passion for good food, thirst-quenching libation and a few late-night practical jokes, inspired the local crew of surfers to nick-name him, Zio Baffa (Uncle Baffa).

It is in the spirit of Zio Baffa (that somewhat off-beat fun-loving uncle we all may have), and the friends love of surf-travel, organic food, family and wine, that we bring to you some of our favorite things to enjoy.  As with the filmmaking endeavors, ZIOBAFFA™ products take pride in authenticity with an attention to detail and quality.  Handmade by artisans with a focus on traditional and organic production, these are the things we keep going back to places like Italy for...  now, we are bringing them to you.

Under the guidance of vintner Castellani, ZIOBAFFA™ wine is crafted in a zero-waste facility located in the heart of Tuscany.  From California, Baffa works closely with Castellani to manage the operations.  Our collective focus is to bring the world affordable, high-quality Italian wines that are produced with an eco-minded awareness.  Call it an Italian-Californian collaboration or maybe just a modern twist on an old tradition.



ZIOBAFFA wines, featuring the new HELIX re-usable eco-friendly-cork, are a modern twist on an old tradition. Developed by three friends through their love of the outdoors, ZIOBAFFA wine is made with traditional Italian craftsmanship by 5th generation Tuscan vintner Piergiorgio Castellani and embraces a foreword thinking approach with biodynamic and sustainable production, organic grapes, recycled material in the packaging and a HELIX re-usable cork. From traveling surfers, vinters, artists and filmmakers to you... live healthy and enjoy. music by the Honolulu Jazz Quartet please drink responsibly. ©2015 ZIOBAFFA LLC


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