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Organic wine production has many benefits both for the consumer and the environment.  Health benefits show, that on average, organic wine contains higher levels of vitamin C, essential minerals and cancer fighting antioxidants.  Organic farming eliminates over 400 pesticide chemicals routinely used in non-organic farming, benefiting the end consumer and the surrounding farmland and wildlife.

The use of less chemical spray lowers pollution and lessens carbon dioxide emission, promoting a healthier eco-system which not only benefits the surrounding wildlife but also minimizes trace toxins that remain in the food.

Castellani and ZIOBAFFA have made conscious efforts to infuse our products with an ethos of quality & sustainability.  100% of energy used in manufacturing is from renewable resources and NDV certified with a "zero waste" program, recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water.  Additionally, our ZIOBAFFA bottles utilize recycled glass in their creation.

100% of the paper we use for our label is FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certified and is produced from raw material obtained through sustainable farming practices.  The labels are printed with non-toxic ink and affixed using bio-friendly, non-toxic glue.

The revolutionary new HELIX™ cork closure on our Toscana and Pinot Grigio wines embraces technology to create a bio-friendly re-usable seal.  We consider this seal more elegant and effective than aluminum screw caps.  Moreover, cork production preserves bio-diversity and is generally regarded as a highly sustainable crop due to the fact that the entire cork tree is not harvested; merely its bark. The tree continues to live and grow.  The sustainability of production and the easy recycling of cork products and by-products are two of its most distinctive aspects.

We are proud of these incentives.  In the future, ZIOBAFFA & the Castellani family will strive to pursue new and better ways to produce and package our products.


Meet the Italian winemaker behind ZIOBAFFA wine, Piergiorgio Castellani.  ZIOBAFFA wine is sustainably produced with generations of experience embracing a focus on organic production, recycled packaging and a revolutionary new helix-cork closure. 


It's in the details

Helix re-usable eco-cork seal.

ZIOBAFFA still wines feature the new Helix™ cork-closure.  Helix is a perfect partnership between an ergonomically-designed cork and a glass bottle with an internal thread finish. Still wines served in Helix can be opened by hand without any effort, simply by holding and twisting the top.  After opening, Helix can also be re-sealed in the same way.

Why we care...

  • Both cork and glass are derived from nature, and have a range of special characteristics that make them ideal for wine preservation.  Moreover, they are two of the most sustainable packaging materials on the planet.
  • Made from the bark of the cork oak tree, cork is light and compressible, with each cork made up of around 800 million cells. Its unique structure enables cork to adapt naturally to the shape of the bottle neck, while protecting the contents, which is a crucial element in developing the special character of the wine.
  • Cork has a highly positive impact on the environment. Biodegradable and recyclable, it is 100 percent renewable and hand-harvested from trees that are never felled. Each cork stopper absorbs up to 112g of CO2, unlike artificial closures, which emit CO2 into the atmosphere (LCA by PriceWaterhouseCoopers).
  • The ritual of uncorking the bottle, and the “pop” heard as the cork is released are beloved parts of the wine experience. For the very first time, consumers can enjoy this classic ritual, including the associated “pop”, without the need for a corkscrew.

100% Organic, Biodynamic

Our wines feature 100% organic grapes.


  • The "Toscana Ecoefficiente" is an award given to a company that invests for environmental sustainability. This year the Regione Toscana has indicated the Castellani winery for its attention to environmental sustainability with the reporting of good practices in Toscana Ecoefficiente awards.
  • Certificazione Biologica (CCPB), CCPB operates as a certification body and control of food products and "no food" obtained in the field of organic production and in the eco-compatible and eco-sustainable.
  • Non-GMO rated.   The Non-GMO Project offers North America's only third party verification and labeling for non-GMO food and products.

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