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100% Pinot Grigio / 100% Organic

During our trips to Italy, we fell in love with this fantastic, organically grown Pinot Grigio wine.  Our travels found us surrounded by the romantic atmosphere of “osterie” and wine bars on every side road and Italian village we visited.  In these quaint gathering spots, we learned that it is tradition to drink a delicate white wine called, Pinot Grigio.  Blessed with a floral and fresh bouquet, it is certainly the most famous of the Italian white wines.

Light, crisp and refreshing, one sip and we are reminded of our road-trips through the sun drenched hills of Tuscany and along the emerald blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  We hope it transports you there as well.


ZIOBAFFA™ organic Pinot Grigio has fresh rich aromas of apples and pears with hints of citrus that fade into a floral bouquet and on the palate it is bright and fresh with wonderful fruit flavors.


ZIOBAFFA™ Pinot Grigio pairs well with a wide array of lighter cuisine, especially fish/shellfish, poultry, pastas in cream sauce and softer cheeses.  It’s also an ideal aperitif. Ideally serve at 50 – 54°F.